spitzer and marevaSpitzer & Mareva are a fierce vocal duo with a deep repertoire of sea shanties and ballads of the British Isles. Spitzer Space Telescope’s wild booming energy joined with Mareva Lindo’s formidable contralto echo the powerful arrangements of The Watersons and The Young Tradition. Their unique collaboration has brought them to festivals and stages around the country, including Jalopy Theater, the 37th annual Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival, the Midwest Sing & Stomp, and Maypole Folk Festival. The pair also collects and performs fast, driving old-time fiddle tunes from around the U.S. As members of Chicago folk music collective Old Lazarus’ Harp, they produce regular community dances, concerts and festivals around the city.

sstSpitzer Space Telescope is a solo balladeer and songwriter who performs frequently around the United States. With a booming voice and wild energy, SST mixes original and traditional material ranging from old-time fiddle tunes to English/Irish ballads and sea shanties. Spitzer Space Telescope is the co-founder of Chicago’s traditional music collective, Old Lazarus’ Harp, and is an active producer and organizer of folk music concerts and events.

marevaChicago native Mareva Lindo is a troubadour and lifelong collector of folk music. Raised playing music with her family, she was steeped in sea songs early on via the shanty singers of the Heritage Boat Club at Montrose Harbor. A student of master country blues guitarist Chris Walz, she’s also known for her fingerstyle blues and unusual voice. As producer of The Archives Podcast at the Old Town School of Folk Music, she documents the stories behind rare archival recordings from their Resource Center.